Collection: Flight Jackets

Rfx Leather now brings something for men of vintage taste. Our brand new Flight Jackets for men are out now with premium quality leather and lining. These jackets are also known as flying leather jackets as they were manufactured during the WW-II for pilots to save them from cold. Since these jackets are quite comfortable, they were easy to wear inside the jet too.

Over the time, the seaming or lining material may have changed but the basic style seems to be the same since the style itself is the trademark of these jackets. A Flight Jacket is mostly popular in military officials or hose who love classic look. Aviator Jackets are also the same as these as all of them are somewhat related to RAF.

Rfx Leather uses Premium quality leather in manufacturing of these jackets and well known for is commitment since early 2000s. Shop your flight jacket now and enjoy various discounts.