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Side plates title belts are a unique customization feature found in championship belts in professional wrestling, specifically in promotions like WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). These side plates are customizable plates attached to the sides of the main championship plate, adding a personalized touch to the belt and allowing wrestlers to showcase their individuality and accomplishments.

Here's a detailed look at side plates title belts:

  1. Customization Options:

    • Side plates offer a wide range of customization options, allowing wrestlers to personalize their championship belts to reflect their persona, character, or achievements.
    • Wrestlers can choose from a variety of designs, symbols, logos, or text to be featured on the side plates, such as their ring name, nickname, catchphrase, or signature imagery.
    • Some wrestlers opt to feature symbols or imagery that represent their gimmick, character alignment (such as face or heel), or affiliations with specific factions or stables.
  2. Significance and Prestige:

    • Side plates title belts add an extra layer of prestige and significance to championship reigns, as they symbolize the wrestler's individuality and unique contributions to the sport.
    • Winning a championship and having the opportunity to customize the side plates is often seen as a major milestone and accomplishment in a wrestler's career.
    • The presence of personalized side plates on a championship belt can elevate the belt's status and make it a coveted prize for competitors.
  3. Memorabilia and Merchandise:

    • Side plates title belts have also become popular among fans as collectible memorabilia and merchandise.
    • Wrestling promotions often offer replica championship belts with customizable side plates for sale to fans, allowing them to own a piece of their favorite wrestler's championship legacy.
    • Collectors and enthusiasts may purchase replica side plates title belts to display in their homes, offices, or personal memorabilia collections, showcasing their passion for wrestling and their favorite wrestlers.
  4. Evolution of Design:

    • The design of side plates has evolved over the years, reflecting changes in wrestling aesthetics, branding, and storytelling.
    • Side plates may feature intricate designs, elaborate engravings, or even incorporate LED lighting elements for added visual impact.
    • Some championships have multiple sets of side plates that can be swapped out to reflect different champions or championship reigns, allowing for greater versatility and customization.
  5. Promotional and Marketing Tool:

    • Side plates title belts serve as a promotional and marketing tool for wrestling promotions, generating excitement and engagement among fans.
    • Wrestlers often unveil their customized side plates during championship celebrations or promotional events, generating buzz on social media and enhancing the storyline surrounding the championship.
    • Side plates title belts help to reinforce the brand identity of wrestling promotions and create memorable moments that resonate with fans and audiences worldwide.

In summary, side plates title belts are a unique feature of championship belts in professional wrestling, offering wrestlers the opportunity to customize their championships and showcase their individuality. With their significance, prestige, and collectability, side plates title belts play a vital role in the storytelling, branding, and promotion of wrestling promotions and their top stars.

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