Collection: Women shearling leather jackets


Can you tell the difference between the products in this category and others? We bet you can. It is the fur element also known as shearling. Now womens shearling jackets have fur in then which gives you that extra bit of warmth in winter. Are they eminent? Well bet they are. Rfx Leather Jackets are known by different names some of which are, Sheepskin Jackets and Fur Jackets.

Why Chose a Shearling Jacket aka Fur Jacket?

In early 2000s, these jackets became a symbol of fashion especially in western countries. Out f many reasons for you to chose a women shearling jacket, one is their divergent fashion sensation. This gives you a distinct personality and you stand out from majority of crowd. It is upto you if you chose vintage jacket style or modern women shearling leather jackets.

Another edge of these leather jackets is that they are warm. Fur Jackets can withstand freezing temperature so they are quite famous in areas where temperature drops below freezing in winters. vintage styled jackets are known as aviator jackets or aviator leather jackets. Our biggest markets remain USA & UK. This is exactly why people search our products through terms such as USA Jackets or UK Jackets. This sort of jackets are rarely bought in summers since they are really warm.

Shearling Jackets are either made of real shearlings or faux. Faux Shearling Jackets are cheaper as compared to original ones. Real Fur Jackets are much expensive and durable. Technology has minimized the gap between their functionality.

A Shearling Jacket is made from sheepskin hence they get their name, “Sheepskin Jackets“.

Shop Women Shearling Leather Jackets by color

They are quite famous in general but even then some of the colors stand out the most from rest. Black Shearling Jacket for instance is the top seller in this category. It is quite understandable really. People prefer black color since it goes well with almost every other color. Other famous types are Brown Shearling Jackets & Blue Shearling Jackets.

Custom Leather Jackets

Shearling Leather Store provides custom leather jackets which mean now you can wear your own leather jacket. You can edit the design and patterns yourself. To buy Custom Jackets you’ll have to email us your requirements. We take care of the rest. You can provide your own custom measurements to get your slim fit jacket or plus size jackets. Custom Leather Jackets cost a bit more than the rest but aren’t they worth trying!