Collection: Womens Bomber Jackets


Bomber Jackets have a brief history and several names. They were introduced during WW-II for pilots to save them from cold air. Rfx Leather Store has revolutionized them and our designers have made the best out of Bomber Leather Jackets. Premium quality leather is used for the manufacturing process whereas every step and material is kept under strict watch. End product goes through many evaluation processes so you get the best.

In regards to article fashion, we have worked both on classic bomber jackets and on modern ones. We respect your taste hence our focus is to provide our customers with their most desired fashion.

Brief History of Bomber Jackets
As discussed earlier, Leather Bomber Jackets were made for pilots to save them from extreme weather conditions during WW-II. This is how they got their name of Pilot Jackets or WW Jackets. The enclosures at waist and cuffs saved them from air outside and the leather used was a good insulator against cold. Some other related jackets were also invented and most famous of them till date are Womens Shearling Jacket or Aviator Jackets. After the war was over, these leather jackets were mostly famous in soldiers and pilots however in late 1900s, different brands started changing their style and within no time, Womens Leather Bomber Jacket was a mainstream leather apparels. Today Bomber Jackets are made in several other materials other than leather. They have become quite popular as light weight Jackets. Cotton Bomber Jackets are going toe to toe with Leather Bomber Jackets.

Famous colors of Bomber Jackets
Though they are famous in general and have become part of a life style but some of the colors are more famous as compared to others. For instance, Black Bomber Jacket has always been a top seller and there is no surprise really. Black color has always been in demand. Other famous colors have to be Brown Bomber Jacket and Red Bomber Jacket. Varsity Bomber Jackets are sought the most in current times.

Why Chose Rfx Leather Store?
Well one of the best reason for choosing us is our Custom Leather Jackets. You can directly contact our designers to get a jacket of your own style. The email has been provided at the bottom left of this website.

Aren’t you tired wearing the same old articles which everyone owns? Don’t you need something new? Well all of our Leather Jackets are made by professional designers. Not many brands do, but we also deal in Suede Leather Bomber Jackets. Not only they are hard to manufacture but the raw material is expensive too. Guess what you get them in almost the same range as any other Bomber jacket.
If you want the best Designer Jackets, you are at the right place.

How to Style Bomber Jackets
A Women Leather Bomber Jacket go good with most of casual clothing. You can pair it up with t-shirt and jeans or casual shirt and jeans. Different Bomber Jackets are worn differently. Some more casual leather jackets go well with t shirts etc other more plain jackets go well with almost all of your wardrobe.