Collection: MotoGp Suits

"Explore the world of Sportbike Suits in MotoGP 2023, specialized racing gear tailored for high-speed motorcycle racing. Crafted from advanced materials like top grain Kangaroo leather, these suits offer a blend of protection, comfort, and aerodynamics. Worn by riders in the MotoGP series, these suits feature sponsor logos, customizations, and cutting-edge design.

Sportbike suits boast essential features for rider safety and performance:

  1. Leather Construction: Durable, abrasion-resistant top grain leather offers flexibility and protection.
  2. Armor: Built-in armor at critical points like shoulders, hips, and knees shields riders from impacts.
  3. Padding: Elbow, knee, and spine padding absorb impacts, reducing injury risk.
  4. Vents: Strategically placed vents ensure airflow, keeping riders cool during intense races.
  5. Aerodynamics: Streamlined panels and sloping shoulders minimize drag, enhancing speed.
  6. Customization: Personalize your suit with name, number, team logo, and sponsor details.

At Rfx Leather , we offer Custom Sportbike Suits for MotoGP 2023. Tailored to your specifications, these suits can be modified in design, color, sponsor logos, and more. With impeccable tailoring and individual customization options, our aim is to provide you with the perfect sportbike suit that fits your style and budget."