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Flash Gear Men Leather Motorcycle Racing Jacket

Flash Gear Men Leather Motorcycle Racing Jacket

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Flash Gear Men Leather Motorcycle Racing Jacket 


Leather Motorcycle Racing garments have a lot more functionality than just a regular Suit. You may be thinking that you’ll save a few bucks and wear a hooded or ordinary leather when you ride, but those garments are missing a lot of the features that you’ll need while on any motorcycle.

Other than being built to be more comfortable while riding, Motorcycle Race Suir is also designed with more safety features to keep you intact if you happen to find yourself and your bike unexpectedly horizontal. Shelling out the extra cash to get a safe jacket will be well worth the avoidance of road rash (or worse.)

Motorcycle Race Garments are also specially designed to do the obvious: deal with the climate while riding. While designed to give you that extra bit of protection, jackets made for cooler weather have insulating layers and wind blocking features that can help cut down the effects of speeding through the brisk air.

Our Assurance:

  • Triple seam (Stitches) which will never be worn or open the suit.
  • 100% Original High Quality 1.3mm Cowhide OR Spirit Leather CE approved armors.
    Crashes prove (on and off the track).
  • You may use the same suit for 4 to 5 crashes.
  • The suit might look bad because of some scratches but will never lose shape or tear apart.
  • Everything is in the suit is 100% A+ quality. This suit is 100% for professional Bikers.
  • We take care of every single little detail of the suit for professional bikers to have a nice and smooth race.
  • CE approved armors.
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