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Viktor's black Aviator bomber shearling jacket

Viktor's black Aviator bomber shearling jacket

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Viktor's black Aviator bomber shearling jacket

Crafted with Premium Real Sheepskin Shearling known to withstand freezing temperatures of our Canadian Winters..

  • Naturally retains body heat.
  • Can last for decades and retain its shape and softness
  • Sheep’s wool is renowned for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which keep your body temperature regulated
  • Naturally water resistant (Does not apply to suede shearlings)
  • Extremely versatile that can easily be dressed up and down

Product Details

  • Outer Shell: Made with 100% fine Spanish merino double faced sheepskin shearling. Designed for the rugged winter. 
  • Inside Lining: 100% sheepskin shearling interior 
  • Closure Style: Zipper Closure 
  • Collar Style: Shirt like collar with adjustable belt
  • Cuffs Style: open hem fur cuffs
  • Inside Pockets: 1 pockets inside
  • Outside Pockets: 2 Functional Outside pockets

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